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Here we have a quick introduction to my playmofamily (the ones who live in the victorian house)
On the we have Dianne Stanislavsky-Hernandez pushing baby Stanley S-H. Ritchie Hernandez riding on the back of Umberto Hernandez and Dinah Stanislavsky playing with random puppy. Next is Rebekah Landon daughter of Irene and Rhine Landon (far right)  Dianne and Rhine are sister and brother who decided that it would be a shame to break up a pair of siblings who got along so famously.

I addition, we have the workers at the victorian and their family members, as well as a few family friends. (basically the supporting cast:P

Love the photos ... And, love the names. However, I'm a bit confused about the family relationships. Or, is that something that it's better NOT to know ... ???

Looking forward to seeing more!

Look forward to seeing more of them!

I love the names.

I hope that all get along since sharing a house can be difficult for some.

Please tell us more of their tale


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