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Posessed nun

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--- Quote from: playmofire on December 05, 2005, 08:21:35 ---I think the knight might agree with you! ;D

--- End quote ---

Good catch, Gordon! That's worth a kudo ... :lol:

All the best,

Little Jo:
Cool! Very cool idea. You just also have to change her mouth/lips so that she became more mysterious or frightened ...

I used a different body now for the nun and it is now battery operated. I wanted to use a switch to turn the eyes on and off and found that the lithium cell version, although electrically sound, would be for now too complex to incorporate a switch. So with the use of a modified ancient lego (yes, I know) battery box (which has a switch already) I managed to make a working unit with a 9V battery.


--- Quote from: matchboxluc on December 10, 2005, 15:26:16 ---... the use of a modified ancient lego (yes, I know) battery box ...
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Hmmm ... ^-^

It would appear, matchboxluc, that Lego may be stealing your ideas ... ;)

Lego's new Police Sation (7237) has a lighted figure!

It would be interesting to see how they are getting power to the police officer's flashlight.

However, we must stop Lego from discovering all of our secrets ... :o

All the best,

Is the flashlight removable from the hand of the policeman?

If not, then my idea would be to stick a tiny watch/cell battery into the body of the lego figure.


Great progress on a very cool idea


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