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( I was going to show you all my foolproof way of removing hands from klickies without damaging the arms, but I´ve just wrecked three arms, :(  so it`s back to the drawingboard..)

Meanwhile, maybe you´d like to see  these. They`re not very detailed, more a wargamer`s figure, but I like ´em.

   I´ve found a Playmo part that makes a reasonable rucksack, as you can see in the second photo.


Hello  David  :wave:

Thank you for sharing your custom's with us, they are excellent !! I really do like the rucksack it looks great, what part did you use to make it ? :) I am sorry your hand removal technique did not go to plan, hopefully you will have more sucsess with your next attempts.

Regards  Tim  :)9

Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your reply :D I found the rucksacks in this set:

 click me

The hand removal. I wonder how they get the hands in the arms in the first place. ^-^


You did it again  :) Nice customs!

Hello  David  :wave:

Thank you for the information on where you got the rucksack. I am not sure if this explains part of your question about getting the hands into the arm in the first place but here is my theory on why they don't come out.
I think getting the hands into arms is all down to the shape of the peg that fits into the arm itself. When they insert the hand into the arm the plastic must stretch just enough (due to the shape of the peg) to let the end of the hand go into the arm. Once its gone in far enough the plastic snaps back down again trapping the hand in the arm. If i remember right there is a small ridge in the hand which the end of the arm grip's onto. Trying to pull it out is impossible because i think its only designed to go in.
However i have a theory that i will put to the test tomorrow which might solve the problem.

Regards  Tim  :)


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