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I made these  customs of soldiers of the American War of Independence  with Sylviawho designed and made the art work on the boxes.
Didn´t she do it well?

 I made two of each. One of them I kept and one was sold or given away. Two are in The States, two are in Scotland and two, surprisingly, in Taiwan.

There is another!!  I haven´t a duplicate and this unique figure is in Wisconsin.


They look fab displayed together like that! 8-)

I consider myself very lucky to have half of the full set, especially as I have my favourite, the Hessian rifleman. :love:

If anyone wants a closer look at these guys and their specially-labelled boxes, the page with links to each one is at Just For Kl!cks: American War of Independence Series

Wow!!  :omg:  They are absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!  :o

I've never seen them all together like that.  They look really great.

Hello  David  :wave:

These are absolutley amazing custom's and Sylvia has done a wonderfull job on the boxes. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us  :)9.

Regards  Tim


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