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The Headless Horde

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Hi. This is the Headless Horde, they are zombie crusaders who seek  revenge. They only can be destroyed if they are burnt because you can`t kill someone with a sword or something when they are dead, can you? But they can`t do anything if they`re only ash and Cole, can they?


Hehe, very funny, The headless horde  :lol: :lol: I really love 'em!!  :yup:

And you are quite right Nibor: "Thou cannot kill what does not live..."  :-\ :-\ ??? Better burn them, burn them long  >:D

Bravo...very "Night of the Living Dead!" Or rather, "Knights of the Living Dead!" ;)

Excellent customs. :)

A very clever idea and well-photographed.  You certainly come up with knights at the scary end of the spectrum!

One thing worries me, though. They have no heads and therefore no eyes.  They can only be killed by being burnt, but they are carrying burning torches.  Aren't they running the risk of committing suicide by accident? ;D

 :lol: :lol: :lol:You are right, Playmofire! :lol: :lol: :lol: But...they somehow can see without eyes, don`t ask me how!


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