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Hi. I think this is the best custom I  have ever made. How do you like it?  My dad helped me with the photo.


I think it is great
Its at a palace near a desert oasis

I assume he is the ruler of the area

You have a lot of talent

Yes, Meg, you`r right, he is the ruler of the area! I`m very pleased that you like it.


A very dashing custom Nibor! Is he a good ruler or an evil one? I hope he is good to his people and enjoys his lovely desert country. :)

It's nice of your Dad to help with photos! I look forward to seeing more of your customs.

A bad ruler or a good one? Well, he isn't`t too bad to his people but is infamous for massacering his enemies. >:D Also, he massacres prisoners if the enemy Lord/king doesn't`t  pay the ransom! And yes, he enjoys the desert country.  Great that you like it too!


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