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--- Quote from: PlaymoCollector on April 05, 2020, 16:45:25 ---Armed security guard:

Police instructors deployed abroad (or something like that):

--- End quote ---

Really liking the look of your Armed security guard. It’s a nice and simple custome you’v done. I’m also liking the way the Police instructors are customed.


--- Quote from: PlaymoCollector on November 22, 2020, 22:00:38 ---

Modern-day sheriff and park ranger.

Mounted police (dismounted). Particularly happy with how these turned out.

--- End quote ---

The Modern-day sheriff and park ranger look brilliant and I’m really liking that there both bearded. A modern day sheriff should be bearded in my opinion  :lol. The mounted Police officers are simple customes. Now all they need are horses.

Thanks for the kind comments, Ackie!

Of course I couldn't resist assembling a contingent of Coast Guard personnel.

Service dress uniform.

Operational uniform.

The Coast Guard is assisted in its duties by the water police personnel.

Great ones, a nice assortment of uniform styles.

They look great :)

Are you tempted to make an army of each uniform? I always face that, while my wallet screams at me :-[


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