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French soldiers in America.

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I´ve been rather lazy recently and haven´t customised much, except for the odd avatar ;)

 Here are  a couple of figures I did for what was going to be a French and Indian War theme.

 I´ve added a photo and at the same time discovered a terrible mistake, can you find it?

They sure look French  :) I love the details, just look at the sort of ribbons on their hats  :)

such skill

Very skillful indeed! But they look very happy to be going to war. Is that because the enemy didn't show up or are those two just happy campers?

BTW, love what you do with boots. These guys and Jackie, the 60's chick.

Hello  G

These are really excellent, thank you for sharing them with us. I cannot wait to see some more of your custom's,

Regards  Tim   :)


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