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RC trains in general
« on: May 25, 2007, 15:10:50 »
As a model railroader I haven't met a scale I didn't like.
Discovered Playmobil trains a few months ago. What can you tell me about them? Range on transmitter seems very limited. Only getting about 10 foot range on it, even with new batteries. Is that typical? Can it be increased? How durable is this outside? How compatible is it with other G scale rolling stock? Do you have to swap out the trucks or couplers? So many things I want to find out.
I think these trains have possibilities, but I need to know their capabilities first.



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Re: RC trains in general
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2007, 19:09:07 »
Hi Al and sorry for the late reply to your question but have been out of the loop for a while. Playmobil Trains runs on the same width track as LGB Aristocraft etc. In fact the original Playmobil train sets used LGB track in the packs. They have since swapped to the plastic track as the trains are now battery powered and so no longer need a live metal track to transmit the power however they are still in the same track scale. The Playmobil trains waggons and coaches are fitted with the hook and loop style connector which fits perfectly with the ones that are fitted with LGB etc. However if you wanted to go with the knuckle connectors you would probably have to change the trucks. As for the reception area for the remote control versions this is supposed to be 30 ft. I have just purchased a set and mine worked perfectly at quite a distance although I didn't measure it. So you may have to check that all the batteries where new as one old or used one would limit the range. I cannot see any reason why this system wont work perfectly outside unless of course your house is next to a power supply generator or some form of radio/TV transmitter.

Regards Craig