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Evolution of the Map: additional rules and guidelines
« on: January 15, 2012, 18:25:54 »
After reading all the suggestions and thinking about the further public and private discussions we came to a couple of conclusions.  :)

1)   The idea of making the grid in the map smaller is accepted. We will ask Tim to post a short explanation of it to post along with the rules, in the rules thread. The actual square (4by4 miles) will be divided into 36 smaller squares.
Nevertheless the kingdoms already in existence will remain with the amount of squares they actually have. Except until what is explained in point #2.

2)   Rules say members must be in agreement for common actions, so as far as the members involved in the exchanged of land are in accordance and agreement, the exchange can happen, so the map can be fluid.
Nevertheless the exchange of land must follow the rules and must have a point. The acquirement of land just for the porpouse of having a bigger kingdom or getting rid of some land won't be allowed.

3)   The Empire will not disappear, as it will be the graphic representation of the mods in the map for disciplinary actions. It will act as referee in all disputs between members, as mods do in the “real forum”. However it could be reduced to the minimun size of a Kingdom (36 squares) and the rest will be declared free land to be claimed for new members.

4)   Additional rules will be set considering the current changes.

5)   No future changes to the map or the rules will be accorded between members without mod participation and agreement. The mods in charge of the project are bonniebeth and tonguello.

Here are the new rules:

A) The maximum amount of land a kingdom can give or take in an accorded exchange is equal to 35% of the kingdom in question (the one being taken). So no one can take a whole kingdom. Once a member has reached that maximum, he/she can not take anymore of that kingdom EVER.

B) The maximum amount of total land you can acquire (among all kingdoms) will be 60 squares. So bigger kingdoms can acquire less additional land. So it keeps fare for everyone.

C) In the case of a new member wanting to enter the project and the map being full, the biggest kingdom in the map will give away a portion equal to the original 30 or 36 squares. In the case 2 or more were equally the biggest kingdoms, the Empire will meddle and solve the issue in accordance with the members. If an agreement can’t be reached then the Empire will take equal portions of each land and the new member will be able to choose the one he/she likes better.

D) In case a member wants to quit the map, it must be informed to mods and that land in question will be taken by the Empire until a new member enters and claims it. Members wanting to quit cannot give away their land to the higher bidder or bidders.

E) As stated before the Empire will act as referee between members, ending any argument or dispute. Also the Empire will be in charge of the disciplinary acts against members (not Kingdoms) who break rules or cause trouble. The member breaking the rules will simply lose portions equal to 5 squares of land, though the amount of portions to lose will go in accordance of the rule breaking, disciplinary history of the member, etc.

F) The Empire will be run by mods but won't be presenting stories, nor characters. It will be use only for the matters stated earlier.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy this project. Already a member left the map and sadly a mod quite modding this thread in order to be able to enjoy the project as a participant. We don’t want anyone else leaving, but we will act against those who break the rules.

We hope this suits almost everyone and that from now on we can enjoy this community project.

For any suggestion, complaint or question please direct yourself to mods bonniebeth and tongello.

We want to remark once again that all action happening in the map must be through photostories and make clear that no changes can happen without full support in photo format.
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