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Little Jo:
I went to the funpark by today and got the new pirate special (beneath some other suff  ;D). Not because I'm with priates (sorry folks  :-[)  but because of a new accessory: the compass.

As far as I can see, there is nothing spectecular with this new set, apart from the new legs mold and the already mentioned compass (is the feather new too?!? I don't know, because I'm not that familiar with this topic).  Thas last mentioned is quite interesting: its a brown disk with circular deepenings on both sides, one side for receiving the label with the compass needle and the "compass rose" (is this the correct term in English too? -- I mean showing the directions scale and the star in the middle). The compass has two little holes at the side on West and East location (the one on West location can be seen on the official box photo from PM); this gives me the hint that maybe on later products the compass can be fixed to something. A very neat idea is the "compass rose" (cf. above) which is not just a simple label as depicted on the box but a hologram showing different directions with the compas needle depending on the angle you look in the compass.

BTW, I also bought the plumber special (4655) but there is nothing special to report about -- everything is as expected from the photo on (for me very interesting the green tool set, which wasn't available in Germany so far, and in the US only in blue (as far as I know).


Thanks for the review and the close-up of the compass, Jochen ...

I really like the new pants !!!

All the best,

 :) thanks, little jo, for the review.
some of us already spoke about this in another topic
i saw the first one for sale on ebay a few days ago.

Hi Jo,

thx for Update the Special Report Serie !  ;D

gentle greets


Thanks for the review, Jochern, and it is, indeed, a compass rose in English.  The two indentations for fixing it to something suggest a new sailing ship with a binnacle of some sort as part if the ship's wheel fitting to take a compass.  It should in real life have four fixing points so that it could always be horizontal whatever the angle of the ship, but two is pretty good detail.


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