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Some time ago andi (Customizer) provided the part number for the new blue light used on the new ambulance.  I bought one from DS and, in view of the differences between the original working blue light and the new one thought a review might interest the emergency service fans.

The new light is an updated version of the earlier one, being flatter and more streamlined.  As ever with Playmobil it is based on a real life prototype (our local motorway police cars have this design of roof light), so it's Playmobil keeping up with the times in many ways, but also improving the product.

The first picture shows a bird's eye view of the two lights side by side, clearly showing the more curved, streamlined shape of the new version.

The side, rear and front views show off the lower profile of the new light unit with the rear view also showing that the new version protrudes less into the car interior, giving more headroom for the klickies.

Like the older version, the light works although the flashing cycle now lasts three minutes compared with 10 seconds for the original version of the old light and 30 seconds for a revised version which appeared with the 3181 fire G-Wagen.

The new light costs £4.95, but that includes batteries (2xCR2032 3v).  The part number is 30 88 3552.


Thanks for the excellent review, Gordon ...

After reading your GREAT description of the new light bar, I'm thinking that, since I'm in Canada, perhaps I should make a customized Playmobil RCMP patrol car.

I seem to remember that Outback had made a customized Playmobil RCMP motorcycle. Did he also make a Playmobil RCMP patrol car ?

And, speaking of Outback, has anyone invited him to join Playmofriends ...  ???

All the best and thanks again,

Hi Friends,

great review playmofire !!

This new light looks great on the police car !!

Can you update your review with a inside view ???
The new one are with new LED technic !

gentle greets


I'lL follow that idea up, andi, and add to this thread later this week if I can.

I PMed Outback last year some time, Richard, but heard nothing from him.  He last posted on Playmoboard in May 2005.  He'd be a good member here with his knowledge and skills.  Maybe I'll follow him up again.


--- Quote from: playmofire on July 10, 2006, 20:20:44 ---He'd be a good member here with his knowledge and skills.  Maybe I'll follow him up again.

--- End quote ---

Thank, Gordon ...

I certainly agree with you that Outback would be a good member here at Playmofriends !!!

All the best,


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