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Christel Schnurbus diorama not to be missed in Germany on April

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That display is jaw-droppingly incredible! :omg:

What an amazing collection of medieval and knights. And all of this belongs to one person?! Wow! 8-)

Thanks for sharing this with us, Panos, and please thank Christel for giving her permission. It would be great to see something like this in person one day, but for now I'm very happy to be able to look at the photos. So beautiful!  :love:

Wow, that is some setup! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I am in


That's a really impressive set up.  Unfortunately loose Steck pieces aren't available for good prices here the way they have been in Germany. Really wonderful to see.

Wow - that is really amazing. I have a quite large medieval city myself but it would only cover the first table. Still I have an idea how large it must be. Thanks for the link.  :)

I especially liked the church and a little construction place next to the church yard...

@pastifi: I wonder, where you met Christel. It sounds like you know her quite well.
Actually, this huge Diorama has been designed and build by hannibal, as far as I know...  Well, Christel is his mother and surely has to earn credits for this as well, but as far as I got to know this very nice (60+) lady, I doubt that she would claim any of the laurels for herself... ;)

But I completely agree that I am looking forward to seeing the new and even bigger one at Wolfsburg meeting...

best regards,

P.S.: I added two of my own pictures from church and construction place.


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