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Christel Schnurbus diorama not to be missed in Germany on April

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Have a look at this great diorama:

Change the number Diorama1 up to Diorama12 to see all the pictures.

Built in 10 hours from Christel with 5 helpers a total of 26m².
Her new one will be bigger  and will be in Playmobil Convention in Wolfsburg (1. + 2.4.2006)

Christel is quite busy with it right now and she will join the forum after her big event!

Well i would be quite happy if only i had such a castle wall  :)
An amazing work there !


I hope the link works


I cant read the german reasons why,
but the link did not work for me   :(


--- Quote from: Meg on February 16, 2006, 17:09:56 ---I cant read the german reasons why,
but the link did not work for me   :(

--- End quote ---

Dear Meg

if you copy paste this on your browser?

I did copy and paste into my browser, and was able to get each photo downloaded, one by one

(Of course, you have to change the number of the photo to get a new picture)

I would estimate the display to be 10 m x 2.5 m to get to the 25m squared area

Each shot shows different areas of the display
I can only encourage you to take the time to down load the photos.

I think many will find the last photo macabre entertainment.

Enjoy, because I did

Thanks for sharing, Pastifi
And thanks for encouraging her to become a member.
I hope she does.


That's a very impressive display.  I like the tournament scene the best - no. 11.

There are some interesting house designs, for example, the one with the dark roof in the middle of no. 10.

One lot of castle walls are quite a different colour from the others, much darker, and it looks as if someone has managed to join Steck and the new System-X together, although that may be a trick of the camera.

Thanks for posting the link, Panos.  I agree with Meg - let's hope Christel joins us. :)


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