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4700 Soccer - REPORT ! (player inside view)

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Hi @all,

ok i have here a little REPORT for you.

I have make some pics from the inside, look at the pics.

I think Playmobil have some Problems with this THEME !
All Boxes you can buy are double signet.

But Playmobil stop the sales at there homepage.
First they change the date to end of Feb. and today i saw the sale date was end of March.

I heard from Problems with the grass.
and the newest problem was a hanged leg.
You can not fix the leg at the back position.

At the second pic you can saw the pin that holds the leg back.
Some fans from the german board buy new sets with hanged legs.

I think after a long time playing you cant fix the leg in the back position.
The material wear out ??
Good question  !

The best example i find are the ladder truck 3525 V1.

If you find old trucks the pin to fix the ladder in high position wear out.

more soon

gentle greets

Andi  ;)

Thanks for the pictures.  I hadn't realised that the interior skeleton would have to be changed with the new leg function. 

Mmh, the "grass" in my football stadium is just fine. And are the legs actually supposed to stop in the backward position? None of my players can do this but I had no idea that this was a bug. I guess I should contact geobra about this.

Little Jo:
My grass also looks good, in practice it works out quite well too.

With my figures the legs stops at the backward position, but just very slightly, on which I wonder if this will be in the future (after heavy usage) the case too. I suppose not.

I wonder if there will be a call-back campaign, because although they postpone the delivery date on their online shop, there had already been sold several pieces in the shops.

I find this fascinating

There are so few problems with Playmobil set.
Now they have added a moving leg, and some design problems have surfaced.
I woulder how Playmobil will approach this concern.

Thanks for telling us about this, Andi
Please keep us informed
The pictures were also extremely helpful.



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