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Paper Armor :-(


Dino Rise 71261 is continuing the use of paper pieces (as seen in the Novelmore skeleton sets), in this case as additions to the dino's armor. They are not going to survive long in any child's hands. The flat, stiff paper doesn't fit in well with the rest of the figure. IMHO. I'm planning on not using them unless I have to.

As a father of 2 young children, I can also agree this is just simply a terrible idea from Playmobil. Any card/paper supplements to toys just cause frustration for children as inevitably, even if they are miraculously gentle with the toy - it will get creased etc and annoy the child as the toy becomes no longer ‘complete’.

Also a big part of the appeal with Playmobil is they’re well made and built to last and can be handed down between generations.

Hoping my end this doesn’t filter into any of the Pirates range that we get for my son nor Wiltopia for my daughter!

Is it just card? It would be better if it was fabric they use for the sails on the ships (if they need it to be thinner/flexible than plastic).

At the very minimum they should provide them as a PDF on the website so you could print them out yourself (still not ideal, because who has a printer)

I noticed that on your gallery images with the skeleton mammoth. I thought the paper saddle blanket looked cheap, particularly the rope ladder.
How does this material compare with what the "knights" banners are made from?


--- Quote from: Klickteryx on July 10, 2023, 07:56:56 ---How does this material compare with what the "knights" banners are made from?

--- End quote ---

I think the banners are made from slightly better material. The "armor" on the dinosaur is actually worse than the paper used on the mastodon skellie.


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