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I have been trying to keep up-to-date a chart of all PM hair styles and colours. Here is the latest version, as a pdf document, with pictures of each style.

There is an extract from the chart below. It should be self-explanatory. The 'suggested names' are where PlaymoDB has no name for the style yet (and Geobra name is also unknown). Where the part number for a hair piece is known, it is given in a green tinted cell.

The chart includes 124 Playmobil hair styles;

    •   ‘Adult’ styles
        o   38 interchangeable types on which a hat can be fitted (i.e. with an indentation around the top of the hair)
        o   59 interchangeable no-hat types
        o   4 hair extensions (3 which fit non-hat hair, 1 which fits hat hair)
    •   Hair types which can be exchanged only with others in the same group:
        o   2 alien hair and grasshopper
        o   3 Super4 bald-head types
    •   Non-interchangeable hairstyles (you would have to swap the whole head)
        o   5 ‘Super4’ hairs
        o   9 children (non-removable hair)
        o   3 babies
        o   1 child-sized robot
    •   (I haven’t included rabbit heads)

Mozart (due November) will have a new hairstyle (non-hat periwig), the Heidi sets due in January 2020 will have two new children styles (Heidi and Clara). Several other new types will come with Scooby-Doo, Back to the Future and Everdreamerz sets, but these will be for the next update.

Pictures of the newest styles (these and several other styles don’t have PlaymoDB names yet)

New in second half of 2018

Rounded helmet, triangular eyeholes (July 1st 2018)

Lucky, loose long hair, low fringe (September 30th 2018)

New in first half of 2019

Tuffnut, braids joined in front (February 1st)

Long loose hair over left shoulder (no hat) (February 1st)

Child, twin pigtails (February 1st)

Grasshopper (February 1st)

Long loose hair over left shoulder (with hat) (light yellow: March 1st)  (blue: 15th May)

Rex Dasher (June 30th)

asymmetrical fringe, french plait at back, with hat (July 1st)


There are about 550 different style/colour combinations for hair.

73 of these (at least) are child/baby heads which differ not only in hair style and hair colour, but also in skintone, mouth shape, presence of freckles, etc.

In many cases, colour descriptions differ depending on who is describing it. Some describe orange hair as dark orange, some describe magenta or burgundy hair as red, and so on. Some very dark brown hairs exist and these often look black in photos.

I have covered as many hair colours in each style as I could find, but I have not included Quick Figures, Planeta figures, etc. so there may be other colours out there. (I am fairly confident I have all styles covered, if not all colours).

In assembling previous versions of this chart, I relied heavily on (i.e. plagiarised) PlaymoDB (of course) as well as Julianne’s hair charts on Klickywelt. Julianne’s last update was in July 2017, so I researched for new hairs and new colours myself. To do this I listed (here) 756 klickies issued after June 2018 (including 67 due for issue in December 2019 or January 2020) and identified the style and colour of their hair.

Can you help?

Not including sets which are due to be issued in December 2019 or January 2020, there are 57 klickies where I could not decide what hair they have (style, colour or both), usually because the set pictures weren’t good enough, often when the klicky is shown wearing a helmet!

If you have any of the sets (link below) which contain these klickies, perhaps you could let me know what the hair is like (e.g. post a picture, front and back of head ideally!). If there is more than one klicky in the set, perhaps you could give the details for all the klickies (I cannot give lists of klickies for which information is needed, partly because the part numbers for many of them are unknown).

35 sets: the hairstyle or hair colour of one or more klickies in these sets is unknown (57 klickies, including all 4 in set 9503).

Once again, phenomenal work, Graham! I'll work on getting this lined up with PlaymoDB. I bet I can make a version with links - at least with the data I have now, which is of course only a subset of what's here.

As I'm looking at it, I'm seeing that you've given them an order, or divided by page, based on  by shape: hat ring, then ordered by length; no hat ring, then ordered by length; child/baby; non-standard attachment (e.g. Super 4/alien/add-on). That's what I would do, pretty much! I'm thinking, a more strict length declination would be useful: short (above neckline), medium (above bottom of shoulder joint) and long. So with a hairstyle in your hand, you'll know where to start looking, and be able to ignore the others to narrow down the search.

Colours, too: the subtle variations are a big complication! Photos are super helpful here, so I'm glad to see you've used them liberally. A line drawing in an instructions PDF (or worse yet, a low-res scan of paper) doesn't show the difference between, e.g., "brown" and "red-brown" very well. I know I've got a lot of corrections to make here, and often I don't specify when I can't see well enough to make a decision.

The 35 sets that you've listed with klickies that don't have described hair, I can decrease a bit. (Some have no instructions on file despite PROBABLY having them, like 9503, so we'd need to get those to proceed, for sure.) I'll at least get cropped-PDF images for the klickies without, and describe those that are obvious. I haven't seen any "official" images for klickies since last spring, sadly.


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