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Shops 9401, 9402, and 9403
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:00:42 »
These have been released for some months now, but I had hesitated over buying them.  They retail here at €34 for each set, and that seemed rather expensive for what I would occasionally use as a backdrop for shop contents that I already had. However, as I have all the previous shops in this series, I decided I would come to regret it if I didn't purchase these ones too, and so I got them last week.

Like the previous shops, all the wall and sign decorations are stickers, as are the coloured steps around the shops.  Mr Raven applied the stickers for me, and it took him over an hour to do the three shops.  The greengrocer shop was the most tricky, he said, because the narrow ends of the wall decorations have to be lined up so precisely.

I wanted the 9403 greengrocer backdrop most of all the three; I think it is really nice.  I had mentioned that really that was all I was paying for though, as I had more than enough fruit and vegetables already! But it does come with green boxes of eggs, a new colour of wooden crates, a big container of tomato juice, and a couple of tubes of sauce or paste or something that I didn't have, so that was a bonus.

As with all these types of shops, the shelves are not quite wide enough for many things to be placed securely.  In the course of setting this up, the red crate of bottles (on the left side of the above photo) fell off three times.  Oh - and it's obviously a very expensive greengrocer.  According to the till, they charge 36.73 for two bunches of bananas!

The 9401 horseriders' shop includes a horse mannequin, a cool grassy counter, and lots of accessories - great additions if you already have Playmobil horses. 

The shop backdrop itself is the same mould as the earlier women's clothes shop - complete with a changing room through the mirrored swing door you can see behind the horse mannequin.  However, as the only wearable things for sale are riding hats, I guess that there is this special sort of modesty in this Playmoshop: you take the riding hat into the changing room; take off your own fashion hat and hang it on the hook there; put on the riding hat in private; then come out of the changing room and look at the hat in the door mirror; going back into the changing room to take off the riding hat, and put your own fashion hat back on before showing yourself to the world again.

There are three items included in this set that I don't know what they are:

Pony flavoured ice creams perhaps?

And I've never seen a riding (not driving) bridle with blinkers (blinders) on.

But, those things apart, I thought that the contents of this shop were the best of the three.

In comparison to all the accessories of the horseriders' shop, the 9402 bike and skate shop seemed to have very little.

If I was choosing one of these sets for a child, however, I'd choose this one, as there is so much that you can do with it.  Two of the three klickies can wear roller skates; there are bikes for everyone; three skateboards; a skateboard ramp - and a nice selection of hats and helmets too.

The skateboard ramp is a bit odd, though.  There is only one railing, but with the holes for one on both sides, it looks as if one railing is missing.  I haven't checked yet, but I'm hoping the railings are available from Parts, so that I can get another one to complete this.

The system-x holes on the back are a bit annoying too - though maybe I can add some steps on there.

Anyway, the greatest thing about these small shops is that they can be quickly set up into a little scene - something I really appreciate at the moment, as my dogs keep playing chase around the table and bumping it and sending everything flying off the Playmobil shelves - I need something I can totally complete in the time they are having an afternoon nap! Here are some combinations of the new shop backdrops with some of the previous ones:

I think they are great fun!
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Re: Shops 9401, 9402, and 9403
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2018, 09:37:59 »
Thanks for the reviews!

I really like the black woman from the bike shop - but I strongly dislike those "backdrops", and I hate stickers standing for stuff..  She is beautiful though.

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Re: Shops 9401, 9402, and 9403
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2018, 18:03:50 »
Thanks for the review! I suppose you could get an extra of the bike shop ramp itself and connect two together using yellow system x connectors in those holes.