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The following customs were given to me.  I think they are very good, and would like to be able to show them off.

The first is a Victorian Police man.  It was made by a man in Canada, who gave this to me kind of as a trade.

The second is Pirate Grace O'Malley.  She was part of a gift giving exchange

The third is Mary Poppins.  She was also part of the gift giving exchange when Zina receiving Pirate Grace

I love Grace ... our puppy's name is "Grace O'Malley the Pirate Dog"  ;D

I'd not seen your police officer before! Very nice. And it's great to see Mary and Grace again! :D 

Very enjoyable! Ah! Real, live Playmo again!   

Thanks Meg


--- Quote from: david on October 31, 2005, 20:40:11 ---Very enjoyable! Ah! Real, live Playmo again!  

--- End quote ---

Live?  ???  :hmm:  8}


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