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Two new Hamley's Exclusive sets, 70332 and 70622

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I totally missed these two new sets until yesterday, although JLMatterer has evidently got 70332!

Hamley's is a toyshop in London, the only UK company to have commissioned PM exclusives, AFAIK. Previous offerings have been 9237 (British Bobby) and 9050 (Royal Guard with sentry box). Both are still available from Hamleys.

70332 is a PM version of a Beefeater (to be found at the Tower of London, Coronations and other ceremonial events)

70622 is a Royal Guardsman, similar to that other Hamley's Exclusive 9050 but without a sentry box.

These sets are rather overpriced at £10 each (9237 is only £5 though), but 'must-haves' for collectors of Exclusive sets.


If any fellow Playmofriends would like me to send them any of the four sets, I would be happy to do this. The cost would be £10 per set (£5 for 9237) plus shipping costs from UK to you, with the level of service (e.g. with or without tracking) being your choice. I will work out some idea of shipping costs later today.  Shipping from Hamley's to me will be free and I'm not looking to make any profit on this offer! Payment will be by Paypal.


Please let me know (by Private Message) which sets you would like, how many of each and any stipulation on shipping method. Send no money yet! I will let you know total cost when I am about to order, and get your address at that point.


For general reference, the Royal Guardsmen with the big beaver hat is almost identical to the old Special 4577. Possibly just the hair being different. It is different from the 9050 sentry guard and the Figures version in belt, legs, torso print, and arm rank.

Thanks for the offer to ship for us Graham!

Baron Marshall:
Many thanks indeed. That Beefeater is amazing...  :love:

My 70332 didn't come with a box, & I can't find 70622 on Ebay, so I'll take advantage of your offer!  :love:

Thank you, GrahamB - I was meaningto nag you, actually, but with Olynmpus down.. well.. didn't get there YET :P


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