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List of recent sets not yet included in PlaymoDB

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As others have noted, PlaymoDB is getting rather out-of-date, the most recent sets added being from around August 2021. There are 48 sets in the theme titled 'new' which I assume are sets waiting for allocation to other themes.

I have listed 556 'recent' sets in a spreadsheet. Unfortunately I cannot attach the file here, but you can download it from this link:

Dropbox link to Excel file

None of these appears in PlaymoDB (apart from the 48 in the 'new' theme), all but 2 come from 2021, 2022 or 2023, several have not yet been released. I have allocated to each set a PlaymoDB theme and focus and stated the number of klickies in  each set.

I have included links to pictures of the set boxes (487 sets). For 13 sets I could only find poor pictures. 69 sets- all due to be released later in 2023- have no pictures. Box back pictures are available for 259 sets, which give us the chance to see what is in each set.

I have included many non-toy items such as planters, mugs, bags, caps, an alarm clock and of course magazines. For 7 magazines I have not been able to establish what their 80nnn number is, though they must exist.

A list of 'unused' set numbers is in the second tab of the spreadsheet, helpful when searching for news of sets yet to be released.

I hope this may be useful. Please let me know if you have additions or corrections to this list.

That's a lot of work, thanks. It's crazy to think how many sets they've released over the last couple of years, granted that a lot of those items are magazines and merchandise.

This is wonderful. Thank you very much for all the hours this must have taken you, GrahamB! :hatoff: An essential requisite for bringing PlaymoDB up to date. :prays:

Graham you already had a doctorate in PM Studies, this makes it a double doctorate!  :irish: :apple:

In absolute awe  :o  :prays: Thank you, Graham  :heart:


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