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Is PlaymoDB down?

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Nearly a week ago, I was using PlaymoDB, then I got a 'Forbidden' message and could get no further access, except to pages cached in my history. I tried for several days, could not connect. Then the day before yesterday, I was able to connect, visited a handful of pages, then got the Forbidden message again. No access since then.

Is it just me (some sort of firewall? I know Heather has had problems in the past with people hogging bandwidth, through linking to her site. Maybe I am triggering something by being a heavy user, though my visits are only intermittent)? Or is this a general problem?

The forbidden message usually happens to me when I am INVESTIGATING something - I am a very heavy middle-click user (you know, open in a new tab) - and after a couple I start getting those...  I believe it may be that there are too many requests in a short amount of time?

Though... playmoDB is not updated in a long time... maybe Heather should look into a way to let others update it somehow? or send her the data in a "importable" format...

Happens to me also, intermittently. I suspect it gets triggered by my repeat visits to the same part, but cannot be sure. It always stops again, after some time. It hasn't occurred with me recently (= last couple of weeks).

Getting the DB back on track/updated/secured for the future would be awesome and of the utmost importance. Not sure how to approach this - I get the impression that Heather is very protective of her grandiose masterpiece.

I've had lots of tabs open but never experienced this.

Thanks for the replies. Is anyone having difficulty accessing the site NOW?


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