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3D Printed Apollo Lunar Lander

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80sstation_02 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

True, this does not look nearly as accurate as the Space Shuttle that came out a few years ago, I did like how it was vaguely "inspired by" the octagon shape of the LEM. I would looooove if playmobil creators saw how this looks and made something official.

I'm also playing around with the idea of adding legit playmo space accessories to the top, like a radar dish from my collection.

That old space station is great. I wonder if the number 2005 is a reference to the year they expected such a thing to be in existence? Along with anti-gravity hoverboards and inter-stellar travel.

This is fantastic work, Andy!  Dare I say that it's "out if this world?"   :love:

I always enjoy your creations and scenes - vicariously - as I don't have the skills myself.  Thank you so much for continuing to share your work here at PF!   :clap:


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