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Here are a few customs I recently finished.  They're pretty simple (no custom painting or specially made pieces) but I hope you enjoy them. 

I'd already posted one -  Grasshopper lady, on my collection thread, but thought afterwards that I probably should have posted her here. 

The others are inspired by Offred/June Osbourne from The Handmaid's Tale, & 2 others inspired by music videos.

The first one inspired by music videos is based on Bonnie "Prince" Billy (Will Oldham, one of my favourite singers) in the music video for Scout Niblett's Kiss video, which he sings on.  I think he needs a better crown (silver?) but I felt like he looked a bit more like a White Walker, & less BPB-like with the crown, & so he ended up in a cap, which felt more Will-like.  :lol:


& the other inspired by a music video was an Aldous Hardy klicky inspired by her in her video for The Barrel (one of my favourite music videos from the last year & her album, Designer, is also one of my favourite recent albums too).


I especially like The Handmaid one, which is, of course, hand made!  Boom! Boom!


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