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Beheading Children!!!

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Skypurr Jr.:
Last summer, quite by chance, I discovered a way to take apart most klicky children pretty safely for customising - and by using pieces that were entirely playmobil!
Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present to you - a kid's way to take apart klicky kids!
+Step one+

Lay the playmokid face down on a flat surface.

+Step two+

Put a beard from one of the dwarf klickys on the back of the klicky's neck.

+Step three+

Turn the kid face-up.

+Step four+

Place a collared cloak from one of the adult klicky wizards or kings below where the beard connects to the neck and push down hard..........


Ready for customising!

This method works for most children and is very easy, I used this technique to make my own klicky! Even Mum can do it! However, it does seem that it doesn't work for all klicky kids, especially the ones with collars and etc. Although it obviously doesn't work for adult klickys, perhaps there may be some variant of this that might work. I have known about this for a while, but kept forgetting to post it! Well, it's here know. As for a name for the technique, how about the "Junior Method" !? Happy dismembering!  >:D

  >:D Skypurr Jr.   >:D

That seems a very effective method Junior :wow: although unfortunately I cannot try it as I don't have any dwarf's beards.
Is there an alternative ???

Klickus Mobilius:
This is brilliant!  And so easy that Mum can do it!   :lol:  I'll have to try this.


Hi Skypurr Jr

That is a marvelous way to take the kids apart. I never really bothered to customize the kids but now with this easy way I may have to start. For some reason I have a lot more broken and mangled kids than I do adults  :hmm:

Thanks for sharing your long kept secret
Rasputin "The Mad Monk"


--- Quote from: Rasputin on February 09, 2010, 14:41:52 ---For some reason I have a lot more broken and mangled kids than I do adults  :hmm:

Rasputin "The Mad Monk"

--- End quote ---

I seem to as well - and quite a few with hair broken off :o


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