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Aloha from Hawaii

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I have been converting Playmobil trains and old timer trucks for several years, but never posted anything because I am the MOST technically-challenged person on the forum and never have learned how to take and post pictures.  I was putting off introducing myself until I figured out how to do that, so that I could also share some of my builds, once I started conversing with you folks.
We got our first Playmobil train set when Sears was selling the "Western" set back in about 1984.  They had a large oval running above the clothing racks in the children's department.  We couldn't afford a new set back then, but after two years of them having it on display and several crashes from that six-foot height, they retired the display, and we bought the two partially damaged train sets and lots of track. I turned on into a Forney and never looked back.  -Mike

Welcome from Portugal! :)

Looking forward to pics - there is a Technical Support/Testing board, so...  ;)   

And of course, ask whatever you don't understand - nobody knows everything, but between all of us, we might sort it out!

Welcome! :) As tahra said, we'll help with anything that we can!

Welcome sassgrunt (interesting name)!
That Sears train set was a lucky catch! I wish something like that would happen to me :-[

Hi Sassgrunt!

Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web.
Really looking forward to seeing your customs.

All the best,


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