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2006 US Catalog
« on: February 04, 2006, 04:27:06 »
Hi PlaymoFriends,
In an order from Playmobil Online I received today was a new US 2006 catalog.
Here is what's in it:

They have a two page spread on the Soccer/Football sets. Release date is April.
Sets available in the US this year will be:
4700 Soccer Match
4701 Soccer Shoot Out
4703 Girl's Team
and these individual players
4705 Argentina
4707 Brazil
4708 Germany
4709 England
4712 Italy
4716 USA
4704 Goalie

Not available in the US this year (but for some reason still included in the catalog??) are
The individual players for Belgium, France ,and The Netherlands
and 4702 the additional players set

Also totally new this year are the Halloween pumpkin figures with an August release date.

The two Special releases are listed for March and September.
We are getting 4428 Fire Rescue set - with the boat and helicopter released in March as a Limited Edition.
Flower Shop series in February, Farm in August, Cargo Harbor in September - and the Harbor Patrol set is the same as the German version - no blue police this time. Trains will be in September also, Beach and Leisure in March, and the Magic Castle (Märchenschloss) in September.

It looks basically like last years German catalog except for the Soccer and Halloween.