Author Topic: Disassembly, the "pincers" way  (Read 8059 times)

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Disassembly, the "pincers" way
« on: December 09, 2005, 20:53:35 »
I had sent to Sylvia some time ago this picture about how I (sometimes) disassemble my clickies respectively remove the heads. I thought, this matches perfectly into this section. This method is for sure not new and I think also described verbally somewhere else (or at least in principle). But so far I have not seen any photo around, so maybe it's usefull for somebody.

I do not know, if this is a trick, but I think it works best: after you already have pulled out the head a little bit and there is already a small gap between head and body visible (you feel, that the head can not be turned easily any longer) I make a small, approx. 30 degree turn with the body during simultaneously pressing the pincer stronger. And voila the head is out. (I don't know what exactly is the success of this method: maybe my pincer is formed and sized perfectly; the blade seems to work like a wedge between body/shoulders and head.) And with no flying around pieces, nobody was hurt (which often had happened to me with the "Hands-on-Method"  :-[), and even the lower part of the klicky's head, which often got some defect when pulled out of the inner part only shows very few damage; the head afterwards stuck into the body as tight as it is brand new (mostly  :)).



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Re: Disassembly, the "pincers" way
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2005, 06:54:30 »
Very interesting Jochen, thank's for posting it.

I have just recently started taking Klickies apart for the first time and am using a combination of the Spanish Method and this one. When possible I use the rubber band of the Spanish method because I think it does make the process easier - an extra application of force. For my tool I have a pair of pliers with a wire cutter in them. The back side of the wire cutter creates a round indentation in the pliers that fits around a klickies head. I pad the head and grip with this part on the sides of the head and then pull and twist as described. No flying parts, and I find it is much easier than trying to grip with my hand.

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Re: Disassembly, the "pincers" way
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2005, 09:08:42 »
I can remember describing the pincer method verbally on pmb, though my method was just to put the pincers, which seemed to have thinner jaws than the ones Little Jo is using, around the neck as in the picture and then grasping the legs in my left hand and the pincers in my right bring my arms up to shoulder height and then pull hard and steadily until something gave - either the klicky coming apart or my shoulders dislocating. :o

I shall try the Littel Jo refined method next time.
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