Author Topic: Info gathering re: parts for Greek Gods  (Read 2156 times)

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Info gathering re: parts for Greek Gods
« on: April 11, 2019, 12:03:37 »
I've started to add parts to the Greek Gods sets. Updates, corrections, better pictures, etc., please submit! Boxes and leaflets also needed.

Greek Gods 2016-2019

All complete guesses, since there are no instructions to be found. But on speculation I've come up with new parts with existing moulds (and therefore existing German names) that are in series in such a way that gives me a decent idea that this is where they go. Older parts, I might have picked the one of the wrong colour, but it's close. The columns and a few other things, I can't tell which is which, therefore can't add them to a set. If you order any, please report what you get.

Text searches that include the ambiguous parts:
PlaymoDB Parts Containing "sari"
PlaymoDB Parts Containing "armguard, woven"
PlaymoDB Parts Containing "column base, roman, rectangular"

Also: very curious about Ares' shield! has catalogued over FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND parts in more than 6100 sets. Come and visit to find any set or part numbers you need to know!