Author Topic: 5972 carrying case knights (also in europe?)  (Read 9640 times)

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Re: 5972 carrying case knights (also in europe?)
« Reply #40 on: February 19, 2012, 17:12:26 »
I must say after having these knights in hand, the red one has to be one of the best knights pm has produced. It has all the parts I like, the chainmail hair and neck piece and the armor arms. 

I'd agree with this from what I've seen. I bought two of these cases - mainly for the cases themselves - but then I realised that the red knight was cool, indeed. I even used him in my avatar image, though I might be changing it soon. The new legs are really nice, and both of mine just seemed very well made, unlike say, some of the Dragon Land figures, which seem to me to be a little cheaper in design.

I hope that Playmobil makes more figures of this style, but also I wish they included the trays in the cases again!