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Snake Plissken.

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Here's my humble Playmobil-version of "Snake Plissken", the (anti)hero of John Carpenter's iconic "Escape from New-York" and "Escape from L.A." movies from 1981 and 1996.  :-)

"Call me Snake"...

I don't know the films to which you refer, but your custom figure is a good representation of the figure in the photos, Erik!

Oh, nice job!  He's a great Snake Plissken.  I think maybe slightly darker brown hair might have been closer, but other than that he''s wonderful!

Will you make more?  John Diehl's punk character would be a fun one!

Great custom! And the SECOND Plissken custom we've seen on PF this year! It is truly a golden age for Playmobil Snake Plissken customs!  8-)

He looks dead cool.


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