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--- Quote from: Tiermann on October 05, 2021, 16:41:27 ---I think the one hope in your comment is the word 'was'
With Playmobil so seemingly disorganized and chasing after other businesses' success maybe they will eventually try copying the AFOL route from LEGO.  They are certainly going down the licenses aimed at adult collectors route, so there is a glimmer of hope there.

--- End quote ---

Not how I meant it, but.... let's hope you're right.

Yes, that’s the odd thing about Geobra’s decisions.

On one hand they make it challenging to deal with or work with them (PCC)

On the other they want to work with us by giving us access to massive parts orders and making the most expensive set playmo has ever had , which in my opinion is really only targeted at adults and serious collectors

It makes them look illogical

Joshua D:
I would love to have a space to display my stuff. It would be great to have an exhibition on the west coast, my son is into it now as well as trains so it would be fun. I have a hard time just finding a train show in my area!

I am a bit too busy currently building some houses up in the mountains but I could get the use of warehouses for dioramas and shows for a west coast event . It would probably be best if it was planned out with the other west coast members as there are quite some creative people here. Then it’s not just a diorama event but a meet and greet as well.

I’m in Sonoma County for reference

Joshua D:
Ah okay. I am in L.A. county, not sure how many more California collectors there are but, I would definitely make the trip up there for something worthwhile.


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