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Dismantling Swimsuit Klickys

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I have just successfully dismantled one of the new design swimsuit klickys for the first time, so I thought I would show how I did it, and what they look like inside. First, here is a pic of the original, with hair removed, since I will be taking pliers to her head!  :0

I wrapped her head in a towel in an attempt to avoid scratching it, and, holding her body in one hand, pulled her head off with the pliers. I found I had to pull slightly towards the back, rather than straight up, to get it to come off.

And here is the result. Unfortunately, I did scratch her face some, so I recommend extreme caution with the pliers.

And here is another picture of the internal structure.

You'll notice that the head and arm designs are exactly the same as normal klickys, so they can be easily changed out. I put a new face on mine, but I forgot to take an after pic.  :-[ Anyway, hope this was helpful!  :wave:

Wolf Knight:
Thank you for this ''inside'' look Bonnie!

Try a pincers next time, and make sure they are not too sharp to damage the neck, squeeze gently, keep steady and pull... (actually my deltoid is hurting from all the pulling..  :lol:)

Bonnie, try the rubber band, I bet it will work just as good as with the regular klickies. And no danger of scratching the head.

I've tried the rubber band many times, and never can get it to work.  :-\ Maybe I'll try it again on these.

I do the following: remove the hair, turn the head all the way to one side and then wrap a WIDE rubber band tightly around the neck, and then try to turn and at the same time pull out the head. I always cut the rubber band so that when I wind it around the klicky's neck it wraps around very tightly. When the rubber band is tightly in place, to pull out the head I also wrap a cloth around the head so that I can have a firmer grip. Sometimes it takes two rubber bands, but eventually the head comes out. When the klicky has some shoulder piece it's a bit harder, but when there isn't anything in the way it's a snap.


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