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Sir Gareth:
Have you ever wanted to complete an older set fro the 70's/80's  that never came with a building plan or an image of the contents on the back of the boxes. Ok you can always use a box front to work out what should be there but this is not always easy to see on large sets such as the early pirate ships 3550 and 3750.

 Not long after I have purchased an older MISB set I take photos of the box images front, sides, and even any back images, I then scan the plans( if the set has plans) and all other parts not featured on the plans and also any sticker sheets. I do this because all my collection is stored away so it's easier to see what I have on my computer and also in my blue folders.

The plans for the larger sets mainly showed you the larger parts of the ships and buildings but hardly ever included the figures and accessories. So such large parts can be known by getting a copy of the building plans so theres no need to photograph or scan them. As for newer sets from about 1993 onwards you can find the contents of the box from the image on the back. Theres already a great site that shows parts, figures and accessories on plans (playmo DB) and most box rear images can be found at Collectobil.

So where am I going with this?

Well my collection is made up of Knights, Pirates, Western and Native Americans Over 95% of it was purchased MISB. So I would like to share with you what I have found in my older MISB boxes in these themes.

If you are interested in this you can find a couple of small sets over in the Photo album area.

Thanks for this thread and your album, Garry.  Even if someone doesn't have the sets it's interesting looking at the boxes as they often have on useful ideas for posing figures or making up scenes.  I scan in the rescue set boxes for this reason.

I wonder if Playmobil employ someone just to play with the sets and come up with poses and display ideas?  Nice job!

Thanks, Garry ...

But, since I am really lazy (and, who knows, there may even be some others here that are as well) ... perhaps a link to your photos at the "Photo Album" might be somewhat helpful. Especially,  for those of us who are not only lazy, but for those few poor souls who couldn't find a case of eggs in a phone booth ... ;)

All the best and thanks again for another great idea,

I must admit, Richard, I find it difficult to find my way around the photo albums, too.  I expected one called Garry's Album or some such.


--- Quote from: playmofire on February 26, 2006, 15:48:22 ---I must admit, Richard, I find it difficult to find my way around the photo albums, too.  I expected one called Garry's Album or some such.

--- End quote ---

It's probably a bit easier, Gordon, for those PF members who are still in their 30's (or younger) than for some of our "more seasoned" members ...

All the best,


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