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Does anyone have access to Val's excellent instructions on basic disassembly of a klicky? If so, I would much appreciate it being posted here. Thank you.

Good idea! I'm sure that would be helpful to many of the members. :yup:
I'll contact Val since I think it would be best if she is given the opportunity to post them here herself. :)

That would be super...Val, if you see this??? I used to have your instructions on file but can't seem to find them. Typically I have no problem cracking a klicky but I had a "tough" one today and wanted to refer back to the "classic" info.

Ok, I've written to Val, but I'm not sure how soon she'll see my message.
In the meantime, I've found the info and will send it to you so you can 'get cracking' straight away. ;)
If anyone else needs these instructions before they get posted here, please PM me. :)

BTW, if you use the "Hans on" method, for some unexplainable reason, it seems to usually work much better if you do it BEFORE you take the Klicky out of the plastic bag ...  :eh?:

I really like Sven's movie for a very clear illustration for using the "Hans on" method.

And, if you haven't visited Sven's site in awhile, it's worth taking a look just to see his Viking Village.

click on image above

All the best,


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