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70939 + 70940 Series 24

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70939 + 70940 Series 24

Review at playkingdoms: Figures 24 (direct link)

Late... always always late. :-[

But better late than never, right? RIGHT?  :P

Let me know what I missed ;)

I haven't even opened my series24 figures yet tahra!

Great review, tahra! :D

I agree that it would have been nice if the alien were to have a cape.

And I was surprised by the statue legs too when I saw them. :-\ I really like the custom figure you made with those parts though!


--- Quote from: tahra on September 24, 2023, 16:49:11 ---But better late than never, right? RIGHT?  :P

--- End quote ---

Great review as always! I am still waiting to get a case from JLMatterer's source since my local shops dropped Playmobil. If that doesn't work out I may have to go international again like the last series. US distribution is all messed up this year. A big chunk of the add ons catalog sets never appeared, and others have disappeared from the US site. Two of the advent calendars have done a disappearing act now too.


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