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Novelties first half 2024

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The tiny house is cute

71475 (the kids basketball court) has a female carpenter in traditional German dress, which is cool - slightly weird to bundle it in with a bigger set (or smart maybe :lol: )

Nothing unexpected all round. At least the colours are nicely muted

So, they DO know about the 50th.. but why is the knight almost the same?! :(

Anyways, my wallet is having fits.

Thank you for posting, StJohn (the wallet is cursing you, of course... but that's normal.)

New klickys with spider and octopus legs in the pirate sets - okay.

Kahboom's cart is really silly but the pieces themselves are useful except the novelty hammer which belongs with clowns.

Also the duopack with heavily armed swat police and burglar with crowbar seems overkill. Not sure what they were thinking there.


--- Quote from: Basie10 on September 06, 2023, 07:50:24 ---Under Series 25, there is some sort of shaman type figure. I like it 8-) He also appears to have a wife in the series too.

--- End quote ---
Well spotted. I guess Finnish, Lapp maybe? As the woman has a baby faun or similar I'm guessing they're supposed to be reindeer herders.

I like the Brunnhilde fi?ure! Another unexplored source of klickies - famous opera characters! :D

The shaman and lady shaman look v. interesting  :lens:


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