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Youve seen these in the News thread I assume. 3 LG appliances Playmo sets exclusive to the Korean market. There is a direct purchase site available, in English, and takes charge cards. I just placed an order through there. The PayPal option didn't work for me but it took a US charge card fine. Shipping was $23 but I was able to get the set of 3 plus a second of the one with a new cat in it for the same shipping cost.
Sets are $14, $15, and $17 each or all 3 for $45

Interesting licensing opportunity for the Gnomes of Zirndorf: have companies put their branded stuff in sets. Appliances and housewares an obvious choice for all the house and city sets. Cars already happening. Could do e.g. entire supermarket or convenience store sets. Lots of possibilities.

There were so many news reports on these klickys that I stopped posting after awhile; I hadn't considered looking for them, but now here they are... we'll see... maybe....

Thanks for the heads up, I like the look of these. I've seen some expensive Korean airlines ones on ebay but didn't think to see if cheaper versions existed.

That klicky has a better washing machine and dryer combo than I have :lol:


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