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A lucky delivery?

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So found an unexpected box today, tracking suggested it was still at the shipper's warehouse, nice surprise until I saw this:

Then I opened it and found this:

Taking photos all the while and getting ready to lodge a complaint with the courier, god, whoever you shake a fist at these days.

But then this:

Crisis averted and fortunately I wasn't wanting to keep the box. :love:

I'll check the set out later but it has connector holes at the back but nothing to go in them from what I see? A part from elsewhere or it's for some scenery piece?

That package looks like it went through quite a trip! I'm glad to see that it doesn't seem like anything was damaged though (other than the box, of course, but it seems like you weren't planning to keep it).

Shipping collectibles is always risky, and unfortunately it seems to be even more so lately! :-\

Fortunate too that playmobil is fairly tough and the building roof is slightly softer plastic.

A lot of my Asterix showed up like that, at least the eBay purchases. Nothing, fortunately, was damaged other than the boxes.

Thanks God for that as the outside box looked quite badly damage  :)


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