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Good News! Major investment in Herrieden parts picking


From JLMatterer's Playmobil in the news:

Geobra has invested in improving efficiency of its parts picking operation, using over 16,300 containers of spare parts and a robotic system working away in the dark to deliver the containers to four work stations (with lighting) where human operators can assemble spare parts orders. Due to start working in July this year. Well that's what I got from reading this article. This is good news because it shows the company's commitment to supplying spare parts into the future, surely good news for all PM collectors? I have always felt the availability of spare parts (without having to pay eBay prices) to be one of the greatest strengths of the Playmobil brand.

Who knows, might even lead to more accuracy in parts picking. Parts was previously served from the Dietenhofen factory, so this is a departmental move as well. Makes sense to put it it their main shipping facility though.

Considering the mess in the parts lately... That reminds me.. have to tell them they sent the wrong dolphin. Again.

I do wonder if they can actually READ the messages.

Oh, there will still be mistakes due to human error. It's just that the mistakes may show up more quickly after July!

Looking at the photos in the article, looks like the system will be provided by Dematic ( 


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