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Review coming soon.

"Cliffhanger"  :lol:

Definitely a teaser.

No, just need time to reduce the size of the photos.

Well here we go.

I've viewed the Playmobil classic cars with interest, particularly the Mercedes Benz 300SL and the VW Beetle, but the prices have put me off (although the sale prices are more reasonable).  However, when the Citroen 2V was announced, I decided to buy one, and a price reduction of 25% sealed the deal!

The idea of the Citroen 2CV was created in the 1930s as a replacement for horse power (literally) on farms for moving produce.  The story goes that the design brief required that the car would have to be capable of being driven across a freshly ploughed field with a load of eggs in the back without any of the eggs breaking!

The war delayed the 2CV being produced until 1948, and production continued until 1990 with over 3.8 million having been produced.

Over the 42 years of its production, the 2CV evolved in a number of ways but by 1981 the top speed was only 71mph, but it's reliability, flexibility in use and, in later years, its unique design made it a niche product both for celebrities and "hippies" and for those wanting to own a car that was "different".

The Playmobil version is the 2CV6 Special introduced in 1981, so one of the more refined versions of the car that would appeal to the wider general public. 

Playmobil have pitched for both historical ends of the car with their set including milk churns, two geese, a pig and a farmer (the original target market in 1948) and also une jolie jeune femme in striped top and jeans and a selection of hippy style stickers for the car.

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

First, then, the box in the order front, back, two sides and then one end:


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