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Playmobil and Funko past collaboration

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I can dish! I was at the US Toy Fair in NYC when the playmobil licensed toys were premiered at the Funko booth.
The playmobil folks were surprised, they hadn't really heard this was going on.

They had an oversized Willy Wonka, and they had the Ninja Turtles, BTTF, Dr. Who, and Wonka figures on display, but not yet for purchase.
IMG_5126 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

IMG_5129 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

IMG_5130 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

IMG_5131 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

They did resonate very well with collectors. I DO believe the interest in licensed properties got people thinking, especially with the Back to the Future line. But I think playmobil's designers pulled it off better.

It's true, Funko POPs have over saturated the market, it was a fad, interest has waned. They can dump remaining stock on the market as it will decimate whatever (perceived) value existing POPs have.  I've been watching, and you can definitely see the "tide receding" at Comic conventions and toy shows. There are less and less vendors selling POPs and the ones that are, are selling with more discounts.

I'd be interested in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if done as a proper playmobil licence though I don't like the style of the funko ones here, too simplistic. The other ranges with Dr Who and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory really give a good impression of those themes. Can't see playmobil ever doing daleks though.

Imagine if they did something like Coronation Street or Eastenders ;D


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