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Playmobil and Funko past collaboration

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Didn’t Geobra do a collaboration with Funko with some odd looking playmobil ?

“As reported by Kotaku, Funko revealed during an earnings call that it has so much idle stock sitting in warehouses that, financially, its best option is to throw $30 to $36 million worth in the garbage.”

That's pretty wasteful. I don't know if it's part of the contracts they sign with various license holders that prevents that, but these toys could be distributed to various associations for kids.
Pops aren't the most dynamic toys, but they could still spark some kids' imagination and bring joy instead of being thrown away.

Absolutely, seems donations would be an environmentally friendly option. Business wise….flooding the market with free toys would not be wise

I see this also as a problem with licensing and collaboration in general. Geobra is trying to portray itself as a earth friendly plastic company that recycles. On the other hand they are willing to work with companies that are gross polluters. Look at the VW diesel emissions fraud, or this Funko waste . Not very earth friendly at all and it’s guilt by association . Your judged by the company you keep.

I don't find those big headed things interesting at all, but whoever agreed/allowed/thought of that should be flogged.

What a freaking waste. Give them to collectors! Give them to some worthy charity to sell/raffle/whatever...

Gods, so stupid. And I am sure some people would love to have them and can't get/afford them :'( 

Brainless idiots.

I remember those, doctor who and back to the future I think and probably others. They weren't playmobil to me so zero interest. Fans of those franchises were not going to buy them because they were too stylised. Non playmofans buy playmobil back to the future etc because of the vehicles though the doc and marty twin pack is pretty good by itself. Poor market research obviously.


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