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70732 + 70733 Figures 21

Review at playkingdoms: Figures 21 (direct link)

Just posted... as always, let me know if there's something missing ;)

I really like the changes you made. Especially the dark warrior with the rhythmic gymnast arms.
That fish woman has a really nice torso. That one was unexpected.
Thank you for the review  :wave:

Excellent! I was waiting for you or Tiermann to put your reviews together to answer some questions I had about this series before I find them. Thanks! :D

I do not think that the "bracers" on the paintball player are new. I believe it is the same mould used for the ones that the police officer in Series 14 has. I think it has also been used in a few other sets. It's just smoother than the "armoured" ones. :)

The gargoyle stone effect looks great! And your orc using the warrior torso, mermaid and warrior using the gymnast parts, and woman using the fish woman torso and kendoka feet are fantastic!

Are those new coats (like the one the vampire has) soft like some of the newer, large hair pieces? It seems like this is the case based on your description.

And, nice 14000 post count! ;)

Great as always!

The dog trainer I think is an animal control officer, a dog catcher.

I like that the gargoyle head band with horns and the hair with hole are all separate pieces. As time goes on we can mix and match for customs with them. The headband part is clearly the same as the version with antlers just different horn inserts.

Love your customs, especially the orc  :love:

I was waiting for your review!  :lol: The official photos don't show all the parts or what can be done with them, like the torso print hidden under the fish costume. I like the kimono style, but something seems a little off about the obi and bow. The winged warrior has great hair. I don't know if that's a new mold, but it's certainly one I don't have. The ninja hairsticks are lovely. The normal face on the pajama lady is very nice. I'm glad there were no pink princesses this round.


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