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Where to get Figures these days?

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I recall someone (and thank them immensely) who said that the Dollar Tree had some figures there. My mom and I lucked up and got over 40 packs from there! Most were from Series 15 I believe, but hey it was something! But now, I'm not so sure where to find them outside of the actual Playmobil site. We have a store called LeJouet who serves as a specialty store and occasionally sells them, but they're across the river from where I live. :(

We found a lot of army builders and cheap accessoires by getting those Dollar Tree fi?ures too, Janilew.

To attain newer fi?ures, we make 3-4 toy runs to two "local" stores each year to do some baggie squeezing.
This has served us well EXCEPT on the 19s.  Apparently the area distrbutor never sent those to either store. The 20s arrived at both stores, but no 19s.

So we ended up getting a couple from, and mostly now just looking longingly at pictures of them on Animobil.  :/

I'm jealous that your Dollar Tree has them. I occasionally resort to Ebay, but I don't want to pay $15 a figure, so I have to walk away from the popular ones.

Me too, I gave up on getting the ones I want because they are always super pricey on ebay.    :'(  :ginger:

I wanted to get the Day of the Dead couple for my sister, but I've seen MIB vintage sets for less.


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