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Hi everyone! My name is Ben and I will share from now on my collection with you.
It is a perfect timing as I just made a Novelmore diorama on the Expo in Roeselare Belgium. When I was young I had a lot of Playmobil, but in 2013 I sold everything... My Playmobil collection started in 2018 and today I have 2512 figures. I will share some of my purchases and the growing of my collection. I collect the Knights, Novelmore, History, Ayuma and Zoo themes, Magic themes and also licences like Volkswagen, Dragons and Heidi. I often share pictures of my collection on Instagram too: Speedybenplaymo.
I will also share the part numbers of unknown parts (till now) that I found out about :)
First I will start with that. As I bought a lot of Griffon Knights of the Fi?ures Series 19, there was a body (30634342) and arm (30282810) missing so I have those part numbers, just like the legs of the minstrel (30647836).
This made it possible to make some customs  ;D

Monday a DS order arrived with the snake and the peacock of AOA Ayuma.

The snake really is enormous! It has also a lot of "thorns" and the peacock has a really nice print  :love:

Well, that's it for now :)

Hi Ben,

Your custom chap looks very dapper.

I like the snake -- thinking it could double up as a Harry Potter basilisk..

That's a great picture of the Griffon-knight-torso guy, Ben.

Presumably you requested replacements for the missing parts from your Series 19 figures and picked up the part numbers from the invoice sheet when they arrived? If you email the numbers to Heather at, she will surely include them in the DB (or she may see them on here and pick them up that way).

2512 klickies! That's impressive!


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