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Nessuno's Western Movie: Der Grosse Coup / the great coup

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Hello everyone
A new Western Project had started.
A taciturn gunslinger finds a connection with a notorious family bond just as they are about to take on their biggest coup.
A Playmobil Western from Nessuno's Filmschmiede. With: Domi Silvercolt as father, Stoneman as Jack, Triker as Bob, Fanny69 as Ann and Frankfn as a stranger.
please excuse my rudimentary English.
have fun:


Macruran I hope you like it?  :wave: :lol:

Nice customs and great scenery! Well done! I wonder, the black neckerchief, is it one you colored yourself?
It's one of the parts that I hope Playmobil will re-release one day... It'd be so useful in black!


--- Quote from: Nessuno on September 03, 2021, 12:43:00 ---Macruran I hope you like it?  :wave: :lol:

--- End quote ---

I can't wait for the feature length film!  :bloom:


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