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Wiltopia Happy Meal deal should include at least a klicky

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This truly is a great campaign to gain more exposure of Playmobil from the young generation.

But don't you guys agree the whole set should at least include a klicky, like a zoo keeper or a visiting kid figure, to open up the true Playmobil Door for the kids? Currently it does not really differentiate playmobil animals from other generic plastic toys.

Cost could be an issue given how the lion and wolf are not really movable, but they have really missed a great opportunity to give the kids a hook to the essence of Playmobil. ???

Not too sure about this tbh.

Which kid would prefer a random poop-shoveling zookeeper-klicky when you can have a lion, elephant or wolf instead?

In order to change that, the whole Wiltopia-theme had to be much more character-driven with an appealing hero like "Beastmaster" from the 80s for example.

With the more family-/science-approach they chose, it's obviously an attack on Schleich and similar producers of animal-figures and therefore it seems logical to put the animals front and center for the McD-promotion.

First time I’m hearing about this

In what McD’s ? Europe, US ?


--- Quote from: Rasputin on May 04, 2024, 05:07:50 ---First time I’m hearing about this

In what McD’s ? Europe, US ?

--- End quote ---

It should be available in Germany, some European and Asian countries. Us in Hong Kong got only 8 in the series, and those in Europe can collect up to 14 of them.

Unfortunately I only noticed this campaign yesterday and managed to get hold of the Orangutan only. The back stated it is specifically made for Mc Donald, and not as movable as their Wiltopia counterparts though.


--- Quote from: ZooKeeper on May 04, 2024, 01:23:22 ---... it's obviously an attack on Schleich...

--- End quote ---

Geobra were looking to take over Schleich a little while ago - did that not happen?


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