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Safari playmat


As were going on vacation to a safari themed park I’ve gifted my kids some of the safari animals I have. I didn’t easily give them away on tho counts: not easy for myself and the kids had to work for it by doing chores.
I’m busy sewing a safari playmat for them to play with. I’ve made it with fleece and craft felt. I’ve got the layout done. (See picture) The next thing I want to do is to convert it into a foldable playmat/briefcase (got the idea from pinterest). I’ll show some pictures when I’m done. (Tonight hopefully)

That's a great idea- looking good so far!

That is great!  Seems to have a good size too :love:

It will be an awesome "ground" to build the world and play in it ;)

I usually dislike them because they have drawings of stuff that's supposed to exist - like a pier, or plants.... Same as those silly carrycases with stuff that is just an image...

Oh how wonderful!  :love:

Will you post a picture when the briefcase is done?


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