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...for Christmas? I don't feel very festive this year; I may choose to not celebrate in any sort of secular way but just observe it silently. I am always alone at Christmas, regardless.

However... I have 5 unopened Advent calendars. 70188 Christmas Toy Store; 71088 Christmas Baking; 71345 Horses of Waterfall Christmas Sleigh Ride; 71348 Christmas Under the Rainbow; 71346 Novelmore Battle In the Snow. I'll consider opening & sharing one through photos so as not to be a complete Scrooge this year.

Any opinions on what you might like to see?

Wow - that's a lot of advents!  I admire your restraint!

--- Quote from: JLMatterer on November 30, 2023, 03:58:31 ---Any opinions on what you might like to see?

--- End quote ---

... all of them? :P

(personally, I am more interested in the rainbow fairies, horses of waterfall and the novelmore ones - some interesting new parts and klickys there, I think)

If I had to pick just one to receive the 'Jim's advent reveal' treatment, I would go for the first one, 70188. Or have a year off?

I'd choose Set 71348 (the Princess Magic one) or Set 71346 (the Novelmore one).

--- Quote from: GrahamB on November 30, 2023, 09:54:53 ---Or have a year off?

--- End quote ---

If you feel that this would be best, I agree. I'm sure that we would all enjoy seeing the pictures, but you certainly shouldn't feel as if you need to go through the effort to document and share all of this if it would not be enjoyable to you as well.

Is that a purple snowman in the princess magic one?? I like my snowmen white (and not coloured by unicorn pee). I do like what they did with the novelmore snowman.

I’m going for the first one. 70188. Or the novelmore one. (Bad Santa???)


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